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Consultancy and Planning
The technical consultancy service offered to customers from the very beginning of the design stage guarantees that any problems are identified in good time, offers a considerable reduction in the time required to develop construction drawings and ensures correct cost budgeting.
The sales department can provide personalised advice related to the type of machinery and systems required to create a shooting stand and even offers on-line quotes for the purchase of new machines or systems.
Our organisation is very flexible, allowing us to create made-to-measure systems that fully satisfy our customers’ true needs. Every system is designed to combine high safety standards with the highest quality materials based on customer specifications.

Organisation is one of the strengths that has helped CARP snc to reach the results obtained in terms of image, function and punctuality. The company offers its customers an efficient after-sales service for on-site maintenance and technical services, providing its own qualified technical personnel.

Tests and Certificates
Safety is of prime importance when designing and manufacturing the machines, every single piece of machinery or part of the structure produced complies with the technical requirements specified in the Technical Directive for Shooting Ranges 1 e 2.
All electrical and mechanical equipment is subject to internal testing before being packed and dispatched. For some products, when requested, testing is carried out at the Banco Nazionale di Prova per Armi portatili.(National Test Bank for Small Arms).