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Shooting gallery
Recently built shooting gallery complete with no.5 airlines rail, with control and keyboard in console shooters, shooting box 3 ° category, steel bullet backstop, sails and roof coating steel

Shooting Box
Partitions are an important factor in guaranteeing safety in the shooters area; the following boxes are manufactured in accordance with the technical directive {D.T.-P2} and comply with the sizes and materials specified therein.

The structure is ideal for testing guns, the machine is resisting at energy till 5200 Joule

Steel bullet backstop
Steel frame, tested and certified to stand till 3200 Joule. It’ s profitable, thanks to a gathering of plumb and copper, it converts reclaim and selling off costs into earnings and it allows to write off the installation expenses in a few years.

Pannel Pc
New control system with touch-screen for managing the silhouette target turning and knock-down target plants also adopted on the military ranges.

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